Competent to the Core: Mastering the ICF Core Competencies

You’ve read the ICF Core Competencies and on the surface they are understandable … but… have you looked beneath the surface to absorb the nuances? Is it absolutely clear to you how to incorporate all the core competencies in each and every coaching conversation?

The eleven ICF Core Competencies are the backbone and foundation of each coaching conversation. They create a unique pathway that allows each coach to dance with their client while delivering a process that is focused on each client’s agenda and desired outcomes. By utilizing all the core competencies, coaches are able to uphold the highest standards of the coaching profession and offer individualized services uniquely designed to meet the desires of each client. The goal of this series is to raise your awareness of the practical benefits of actively weaving the core competencies into each and every client meeting. A unique coaching model will be presented that clearly demonstrates the ease with which all the core competencies can effortlessly flow throughout every coaching conversation. Thus, you’ll learn to incorporate best practices so that you can be the masterful coach you want to be.

Lynn Meinke, PCC, founder and CEO of Coaching Services International, will lead this monthly series. Calls will be held the first Monday of the month (February's class is on Tuesday February 3; no class in August; September's class is on the second Monday) from 7 to 8:15 PM. These Teleclasses will go behind the scenes of each core competency and give you an in-depth look at what it means and how to incorporate it in the coaching conversation. You will receive:
  • An in-depth look at what each Core Competency means and how to incorporate them into the coaching conversation.
  • Tips for easily integrating each competency.
  • An exploration of traps that could derail the coaching.
  • Case material and examples to integrate the principles of the core competencies.
  • Opportunities to ask questions, bring case examples for review and learn from each other.

To register for the Core Competency tele-classes, go to the Event Calendar and select the class that interests you.


About the Speaker:

As a connoisseur of great coaching, Lynn Meinke, PCC is dedicated to enhancing each person’s coaching abilities by sharing her knowledge about the ICF Core Competencies. As a coaching educator with over 15 years’ experience teaching all levels of coaching education, she lives and breathes the core competencies. Lynn is on the faculty of the University of Texas at Dallas teaching group coaching methodologies and providing supervisory coaching and assessing in its Executive Coaching Program. She is also a senior faculty member at the Institute for Life Coach Training where she teaches foundational and advanced levels of coaching and provides mentoring, supervision and assessing.


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